A Pony Called Steve

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Large Sweet Gift Box


Large Sweet Gift Box - A Pony Called Steve

Our Sweet Gift Box is the ultimate collection of products for all fruity sweet & delicious fans!

All wrapped up and ready to gift, this box contains a 

Pink Lemonade Wash

Pink Lemonade Lotion

Parma Violet Bath Salts

Fresh Green Fig Candle

Parma Violet Candle

Honeyed Raspberry Soap

Our Pink Lemonade bath & body wash & body lotion is the perfect blend of juicy, fresh strawberries, sharp, zesty lemons and a hint of bubbly champagne. All made extra special with a base of sharp pink grapefruit!

Our Parma Violet Bath Salts are the perfect way to scent your bath & look after your skin. 

Dead Sea Salts are renowned for their amazing benefits since ancient times. Even Cleopatra was partial to a wee salt bath! They are rich in essential minerals including magnesium, potassium & calcium. Our amazingly scented salts will help to ease tired, aching muscles, make your skin super soft & beautifully scented

1-2 handfuls are all you need to make a bath magnificent, but you can add more if you wish. This little pouch will give you roughly 3-4 baths. 

This Parma Violet candle is made with natural, vegan friendly soy wax and has a burn time of roughly 30 hours. It has a super strong scent throw and a mega even burn - making sure your whole room smells amazing every time you use it. 

The scent of our Parma Violets products is exactly like those little purple sweeties you used to get in selection bags (still do actually)? 

Believe us, we didn't settle until it was right and this scent is perfect!

If we're going to be fancy about it (and we are) then we can tell you that this scent is a subtle blend of both violet flower & green violet leaf. There's just a hint of rose, a touch of jasmine and a tiny hint of freesia. All combined to smell just like tiny purple sweeties...

Our Fresh Green Fig candle is a fresh blend of crisp green apples, succulent fresh figs + a rosemary & sage herb base. All made even better with hints of moss & amber

Our Honeyed Raspberry Soap is the most delicious blend of sun ripened summer raspberries with just a dash of sweet honey and rose. Smells like (but even better than) blue ice poles (ice pops if you’re not in sunny Scotland!) 

All these amazing products are gift wrapped in a fabby box!

As with all cosmetics - please do a patch test 48 hours before using our products. Everyone's skin is different and must be treated with the utmost love & care.