A Pony Called Steve

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Pomegranate & Fig (With a hint of Pink Pepper) Solid Perfume


A Pony Called Steve:Pomegranate & Fig (With a hint of Pink Pepper) Solid Perfume

Our Pomegranate & Fig (with a hint of Pink Pepper) solid perfume is the perfect handbag and holiday companion. Top up your scent all day long (perfect when applied to pulse points) without worrying about pesky bottles spilling. This little pot lasts such a long time and is wonderfully moisturising on skin. 


The scent is a delicious blend of pomegranate, fresh fig & pink pepper deepened by citrusblackcurrant, lily & a woody base of fig bark & amber.


Made using the most amazing ingredients - cocoa seed butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil & beeswax with our gorgeous perfume added. 


​The label reads 'Dark & Fruity with a hint of spice. Sound like anyone you know...?'


The A Pony Called Steve Collection was created for all the wonderful people who love colour, pattern & amazing scents. For those of us who just aren’t ready to smell like lavender & love a wee cheeky laugh. For gift givers & experience lovers who want to tell their friends just how wonderful they are - and know that smelling like blue ice poles or green opal fruits would be a reeeeeally good thing. 


We make all of our products with love & care in the U.K. We make in small batches to keep our collection fresh & wonderful. We never test on animals - Steve is a pony for goodness sake!

As with all cosmetics - please do a patch test 48 hours before using our products. Everyone's skin is different and must be treated with the utmost love & care.