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Mojito Gift Box

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Love our Mojito scent? We don't blame you! Sharp, zesty lemon & tangy, ripe lime juice muddled with sugarand super fresh mint. It's the perfect blend of citrus & sweet!

We've made a perfect gift box so that you can enjoy it every day!

Our Mojito bath & body wash is so amazingly versatile. It works perfectly as both a bubble bath and a body wash. Bath lovers rejoice and dedicated shower fans can be made equally jubilant with our fabby wash. Use it to clean away the stresses and strains of the day and let the fun scents make you smile.

Our Mojito body lotion is perfect to add lasting scent & soften skin. Made with sweet almond oil, lavender flower extract, comfrey leaf extract, ginseng root extract, camomile flower extract to soften and gently moisturise skin (without leaving it oily). This lotion is vegan friendly

Our Mojito candle is made with natural, vegan friendly soy waxand has a burn time of roughly 30 hours. It has a super strong scent throw and a mega even burn - making sure your whole room smells amazing every time you use it. 

Our Mojito solid perfume is the perfect handbag and holiday companion. Top up your scent all day long (perfect when applied to pulse points) without worrying about pesky bottles spilling. This little pot lasts such a long time and is wonderfully moisturising on skin.

 Made using the most amazing ingredients - cocoa seed butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil & beeswax with our gorgeous perfume added.