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100% Cotton Cloths


100% Cotton Cloths - A Pony Called Steve

You've got our Wonder Balm - yey! You're going to love it. 

It's so important to use a good quality cloth to remove the balm when you're done. Soaking your cloth in hot water, wringing it out and cleaning the amazing balm from your face is such a satisfying and relaxing part of the process. 

We wouldn't recommend a muslin cloth for this - it's too thin to be effective. We always use 100% cotton cloths - they give an extra exfoliating step to your brand new cleansing routine. 

An extra super important factor to remember when cleansing is to keep your cloths super clean. Remember all that make up, dirt & grime you removed? Don't put it back on your face again in the morning! That's why we have a package of two available for you to keep in rotation. 

We keep a stock of about 10 cloths in our bathroom & use them through the week. They are easily cleaned with your white wash. They of course have the amazing extra bonus of being environmentally friendly. No more wipes ending up in landfill!