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Piña Colada Candle

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This Piña Colada candle is made with natural, vegan friendly soy wax and has a burn time of roughly 30 hours. It has a super strong scent throw and a mega even burn - making sure your whole room smells amazing every time you use it. 

The scent is a delicious blend of fresh pineapple, ripe banana & almond on a base of coconut milksweet orange & just a touch of vanilla.

The label reads 'No-one likes getting caught in the rain, let's not be silly people. Doesn't mean we can't enjoy a cheeky Piña Colada'

The A Pony Called Steve Collection was created for all the wonderful people who love colour, pattern & amazing scents. For those of us who just aren’t ready to smell like lavender & love a wee cheeky laugh. For gift givers & experience lovers who want to tell their friends just how wonderful they are - and know that smelling like blue ice poles or green opal fruits would be a reeeeeally good thing. 

We make all of our products with love & care in the U.K. We make in small batches to keep our collection fresh & wonderful. We never test on animals - Steve is a pony for goodness sake!