A Pony Called Steve

Pink Lemonade Travel Set


Pink Lemonade Travel Set - A Pony Called Steve

This super handy pink lemonade travel set contains a 100ml bottle of bath & body wash, a 100ml bottle of hand & body lotion, a full sized 100g soap and a full-sized tin of solid perfume. Each product can travel in hand luggage and is the perfect way to smell amazing all through your fabulous holidays!


All of these lovely (and perfectly sized) products are housed in a clear cosmetic bag that you can use forever (and think of Steve!)


The labels read 'For days when you wish you were floating on a blue pool, on a pink lilo, drinking from a coconut!'


The A Pony Called Steve Collection was created for all the wonderful people who love colour, pattern & amazing scents. For those of us who just aren’t ready to smell like lavender & love a wee cheeky laugh. For gift givers & experience lovers who want to tell their friends just how wonderful they are - and know that smelling like blue ice poles or green opal fruits would be a reeeeeally good thing. 


We make all of our products with love & care in the U.K. We make in small batches to keep our collection fresh & wonderful. We never test on animals - Steve is a pony for goodness sake!


(Wholesale customers - pack quantity 2+)