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Wonder Balm - The Biggest One Gift Set!


Wonder Balm - The Biggest One Gift Set! - A Pony Called Steve

Get everything your Wonder Balm loving friend could possibly need with The Biggest One gift set! This set contains

  • A massive tin of Wonder Balm (95ml)
  • 4 x cotton cloths
  • A brush to apply as a mask
  • A headband to protect your beautiful hair
  • A Rose Quartz massager to help you relax and unwind
  • A Tree planted in your honour

Everything comes wrapped in a gorgeous box, ready to gift (or ready to open yourself!)

This incredible blend of lemon seed oil, pomegranate oil, moringa oil, citrus essential oils and beeswax makes cleansing effortless, plus you won't need to worry about getting balm near your hair!

All you need to do is

  • Warm the balm in dry hands before applying to your face
  • Take the balm all over your face (including up to your lash line) and watch your make up and the day's grime melt away
  • Snap your #balmface selfie to share with us @aponycalledsteve
  • Take the cloth you've been soaking in hot water and wring it out - use this to gently remove all the balm &
  • Voila! Your face is beautifully cleansed & nourished!

Our ingredients have been chosen for their ability to do amazing things for your skin. They are wonderfully gentle, nourishing and thoroughly cleansing. Wonder Balm is here to make your life easier and cleansing fun!

Find us @aponycalledsteve on social media or head to Instagram or Facebook. We would absolutely LOVE to see you share your #balmface on stories or your feed. Don't forget to follow us!

*Wonder Balm does an amazing job of removing eyelash glue after a big night out. Please bear this in mind if you have eyelash extensions as it may remove them too.* 

As with all cosmetics - please do a patch test 48 hours before using our products. Everyone's skin is different and must be treated with the utmost love & care.